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Najmat Suhail Movers in Abu Dhabi

Movers in Abu Dhabi will make your move easy. We provide guaranteed moving services all over the gulf region. We do all kinds of moving services as residential and commercial moving. Our moving team is located in Mussafah where up to 10 members are free every time you want to move your house, villa, or office urgently.

Below are listed the qualities why to choose us for your house movers.

  • Registered Furniture Movers Company
  • Professional and Guaranteed Relocation Services
  • High-Quality Packaging Materials
  • Punctual Moving Services
  • Reliable and Affordable Price
  • Well-trained moving team
  • Used Furniture in Abu Dhabi
  • Boxed Covered Trucks
  • 100% Responsibility

Movers And Packers In Abu Dhabi - Avail Now

Sometimes it's essential to move out furniture from one house to another house. But this process is not possible without the help of professional Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi.

Here on this page, I cleared the topic about movers and packers and how to hire the most professional company?

Because without hiring professional Movers and Packers you cannot shift your house items like furniture, home appliances, kitchen pots, cupboard items clothes personal items, and Decor curtains.

Najmat Suhail furniture movers is a certified moving company in UAE. The team has been awarded in multiple moving organization competitions.

The company uses high-quality packing materials for all your household and office stuff. The company offers guaranteed packing to ensure the safety of your expensive items.

Najmat Suhail furniture movers have box-covered closed trucks. Which are suitable and able to move your items in any kind of weather like rain or Storm.

Based on the above qualities our services are professional and guaranteed. There is a big issue with some moving companies in Abu Dhabi. The problem is that they don’t have a professional and expert team. The workers from our company are all around prepared about safe packing things and we guarantee security at the point when we providing service as movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

It will spare you a ton of time on the off chance that you will simply hire our company to pack every one of your things. It tends to be everything that may require an appropriate procedure on packing or it can be easily overlooked details that It should have been moved securely, we will deal with that.

Movers in Abu Dhabi can assist you with all the things which you require for help. They are known to have extraordinary speed with regards to packing and that spares time for both of you. They rapidly and securely move your things Furthermore, things on your home that necessities to move.

No need to worry because you can trust our services.

Getting services from one of the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi is such a hard choice to make. Because some people take charges as a professional relocation company but the services are worse. In that case, you should trust our company because the details of our services will be provided through a document. We will give charges which will not increase while moving. We will pack all your stuff as you direct our team that how to pack for you? If you want to use bubble wrap, stretch roll for all items and prevent blankets to use. Then we will go through your direction.

We are moving for all kinds of items that are listed in the below list. Kindly check these details and contact the head office if you find any which are required by you.

We are glad to tell you that mover and packers are available in Abu Dhabi, a well-trained professional movers team. Just instruct our group to sit and watch the whole process. Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi are providing moving, storage, and relocation services at the very lowest price in UAE. We are not giving house shifting service but also providing residential, villas, offices, supermarkets, gyms, salons, and commercial relocation with very care.

We have helped many clients move their places to another desired location with ease and care. We are always ready to provide our service to the client because we are available 24/7. We all know the shifting is a very hustle process to do, but the movers and packers are resolving your problem with their service and professional and well-trained team.

Movers and Packers provide the best service according to your moving needs. First, they analyze the stuff you want to be moved, pack it according to its condition, load it into a vehicle, and deliver it to a destination. The movers and packers are the best moving and packing service based on customer reviews because our customers are delighted with the services that we are providing in UAE.

We offer you the most personalized and affordable moving service with a highly experienced team and hard work.

we offer the following services

Najmat Suhail is a well-known company and you can find it easily. The main priority of the company is to serve house moving and office moving in high priority.

It's not easy to find professional and reliable movers in Abu Dhabi. That's why we explained all of our moving services to get a better moving company.

house movers in abu dhabi

House Moving Services

apartment movers abu dhabi

Building Apartment Shifting Services

office movers in abu dhabi

Office Moving Services

moving and storage in abu dhabi

Warehouse Shifting Services

store moving in abu dhabi

Store Shifting Services

market moving abu dhabi

Market Shifting Services

We offer full houses, offices and all kinds of commercial and residential movers and packers services. We have more than five thousand returning customers. And that is what our company has delivered to our past clients and the reason why they come back to our company, always.

We have the duty to offer high quality services that are efficient in every way and make our names always on top to the moving competition in Abu Dhabi just like our package which includes transportation, carton boxes, stretch roll, bubble roll, etc. That is needed for moving and we know that this type of packing materials are best for you.

Our company offers movers affordable prices that are so difficult these days where money runs the world, all of our prices are affordable as professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. You can check and compare our quotation with other moving companies as well.

House furniture and appliances moving services

Make sure to hire trusted company workers and allow them to work in your home. We provide house furniture and appliances moving services all over Abu Dhabi.

Our moving rates are very affordable pour house movings. Because sometimes residents cannot afford premium charges. our prices are cheaper but the services are professional and guaranteed.

We do proper packing for all items by using good materials like carton boxes, Stretch film roles, bubble rolls, and fabric blankets.

We do all kinds of house moving like Villas apartments and studios. You can hire us If you want to move your house furniture, appliances or single items.

All of our moving services are guaranteed and we are responsible for any kind of damage to your expensive items.

We are affordable house movers and packers in Abu Dhabi because our prices are very low as compared to other moving companies.

You can hire our team by using your mobile phone just call our company and our team will be there within minutes in your house.

The company team is healthy and we are following all the WHO health guidelines So you don't worry about your health If you hire a team.

We are located in the middle of Abu Dhabi and we can reach you within an hour to start your moving work earlier.

As best movers in Abu Dhabi we provide you carton boxes in advance to pack your personal items before the moving company checks at your house.

We are working with old customers for 20 years because they trust our services. Make sure that the company focuses on service quality to the clients.

We have big size trucks which can carry full one-bedroom apartment furniture and appliances in one trip.

We provide our services as a professional moving company Abu Dhabi which is a hundred times better than private transportation pickups.

We can relocate your whole villa furniture within one working day if you need urgent moving service.

We provide mover and packer services all over UAE with a professional team with us, so know you don't have to worry about shifting your old house. Najmat Suhail Furniture Movers has a well-trained team providing the best relocation service, give them instruction and sit back and see how they work in a completely friendly environment. We know the value of your furniture and how much you love it.

Our team moves your furniture safely and stress-free. Because you choose the best team of our company, they are professional and well-trained and work with dignity.

We can help you with the relocation of your house in a simple way because we have the right tools and techniques to make moving hassle-free. We are also a team of curtains fixing, furniture fixing, and appliance installing members who can help you and make your life easy.

Villa movers in Abu Dhabi

Most of the citizens of the UAE love living in villas instead of living in tall buildings. Our company is located nearby if you are looking for villa movers. We perform villa moving services in Al Reef, Al Falah, and other residential areas of the capital.

All kinds of villa moving like single-story and multi-story with guarantee and in minimum duration. Our team can reach your villa and start work within an hour.

We different rates packages for moving villas it depends on the number of items and rooms and the transportation distance as well.

You can get an affordable offer from our company as we are planning to target the maximum number of monthly clients and to improve our service quality as best villa movers and packers Abu Dhabi.

All items like furniture, kitchen utensils, home appliances, children's play parks items, outdoor furniture like benches, chairs, tables, gas cylinders, etc move by our company with guaranteed care.

Villa moving is not easy for moving workers if there are too many stairs. But our workers have the best skills to manage your items through the stairs.

Hiring our company is very easy just contact on the below number and get our services. We assure our clients of the safety of their furniture and appliances.

Moving a house may be easy but moving it to a villa is not easy for anyone. It is a time-consuming process and challenging task for you. Relocation of your villa to a new location is such a difficult task.

Still, with the best experienced and professional members, we will help you to pack all the household, inventory, and appliances in your villa and apartment without any harm and damage.

You don't need to worry about your stuff because we are packing your things with complete security. If villa moving is not well appropriately planned, everything can go wrong because it is a big house full of furniture.

Get the villas and apartment movers and packers service at your doorstep at a simple, easy, and affordable price. The team of movers and packers put their all effort while shifting to keep your belonging safe and secure. They use modern packing in moving for maximum safety of your furniture.

Office moving services

Office moving isn’t easy without professional movers and packers. We provide all kinds of offices moving in Abu Dhabi.

We have the right fit workers to do this job because they are professionals in dismantling, packing, and fixing office items like furniture, appliances, computers, servers, and cameras.

We can arrange your office files in separate boxes to not merge your date. Each cupboard file will be in the same place as in the old office.

Najam Suhail is capable to shift the whole office within the minimum duration. Because we have a lot of manpower and vehicles which are enough to relocate up to 20 rooms of office within one working day.

Each worker has their only responsibility and as some will detail with appliances, furniture, and computer workstations and some will deal with IT system like computers, printers, cameras, and servers, etc.

As best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi our company awarded multiple times for providing reliable and professional moving service for the offices.

We offer two types of quotations for office relocation like full office moving and hourly moving service. If you accept the full office moving offer then we will provide all the required packing materials, transportation, and manpower.

But if you choose an hourly office moving service then you will have to provide the required packing materials and we will provide the best manpower and transportation service along with dismantling and fixing.

The supervisor mark each item with the unique identification number to fix the whole office items shifted by our team. This helps us in the last phase of moving all of the boxes items like stationery and files will be in the same place as it was in the old office.

Office shifting involves shifting an entire system to a new place, and as you all know, office shifting requires proper management and planning. As you know.

We provide a moving office furniture and equipment service with a well-trained and managed staff to relocate your office to a new one. We want to assist our clients in a very gentle way. They will never disappoint you with their service and team.

They are highly recognized and professional and deal with everything very smoothly and professionally. They work before the deadline comes because they know how to manage all the work. They are also using modern techniques and experienced staff never to disappoint you.

As we are also doing business, we are aware of the importance of things, and our well-trained team makes your work easier and faster. Apart from moving service, we have an experienced team of modern techniques, packing, furniture fixing, and curtain fixing.

Sometimes clients want to pack their offices on their employees instead of hiring office movers in Abu Dhabi. The price will be reduced and the packing team and materials cost will be not offered in the quotation.

Studio apartment moving

Do you want to relocate your studio apartment? It is not a piece of cake for you, so you are looking for the best team service for moving to another apartment because studio items are so expensive?

Moving company in Abu Dhabi is the best company in the UAE. It does not matter what residential place you are living in. whether you need to relocate your studio apartment, we are here to provide you with our best service in town. Movers and Packers offer the best and safest relocation services. We make sure nothing is damaged and safely reach the destination place.

Warehousing service

Movers and packers have many kinds of services as compared to other services in UAE. They also provide the warehouse and storage service to your goods and equipment full of safety and a professional team. They provide door-to-door service, carry your goods safely, and unload them to the desired place.

Please choose the best Movers and Packers in Ruwais and avail of their service without any disappointment and prefer movers and packer's service to your friend and family. As a team, we offer you safe, secure local, long-term, and short-term storage services.

Commercial mover and packer workers

Relocation is a very stressful process to do, but when it comes to commercial relocation, it is considered the most challenging thing to do. But now you don't have to worry about it.

The movers and packers are one of the best relocation services moving company in Abu Dhabi. They are working with any type of Commercial relocation with an experienced and professional team.

We not only deal with houses, villas, apartments, and any residential place but also work for offices, make their work more manageable, and shift their stuff without harm.

What are our moving service steps? All 7 steps are with details

Every service has its own steps to complete the service and as a reliable moving company, we want to share the whole service process details with our clients.

Below are what steps the company will take to complete your house shifting? and how to satisfy the client.

We have different price packages for different kinds of moving like studio moving, house, villa, office, warehouse, store, market, shop, medical store, gym equipment, etc.

#1 Survey and rate offer for moving

The very first step of our moving company is to inspect the house or office furniture and appliances for shifting. And to know the details of service quality and transportation distance from the client.

A site survey is very essential to get a reliable and accurate price offer. As per our experience, most clients contact and need instant price offers without any survey and without sending any details like photos and videos.

Make sure that we can’t issue a quotation by informing us literally because we have to check all items first to estimate the packing, labor, and transportation charges.

Once the client agrees to the survey or sends photos and videos our supervisor will visit the place and he will properly inspect the items.

The supervisor will give you price details at the same time. If you agree then the office team will prepare a registered quotation file for your confirmation.

As best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi we have to inspect the distance from your rooms to the parking area. Also, he will make sure if there is any work by stairs so he will let you know about all the moving service details and total price after inspecting all the items.

When you contact us to use our service for moving, we send our professional team to calculate the items, to tell you how we charge according to quantity and the charges including transportation cost.

#2 Dismantling of the not fittable items in the vehicle

In this moving process, our team will dismantle all those items which they can’t fit in the truck and also can’t go out by doors. Also, we dismantle the items to pack them properly to prevent the scare of damage.

It could be anything in your house like bedroom furniture, living room, kids room, guest room, home appliances, etc.

The main benefit of the dismantling goes to the client because it helps us to pack each item from all angles which protects the furniture and appliances while shifting.

Sometimes like a 3 seater sofa don’t need to dismantle for packing purpose but our team dismantles it if not go out of the door. And the legs stuck in the corners. Also dismantling the legs of sofas and tables prevent breaking while moving.

We have professional furniture carpenters who will dismantle your items will full care and we guarantee that there will be no damage by the team. Our team hiring process is very hard the carpenters should pass all tests in different kinds of furniture.

Client assets safety is the highest priority of the company and we train our helpers and packers team that how to move house or office items with care.

Don’t worry about the furniture parts because our team will mark each part of the furniture with a temporary marker to fix it in the new place as it was.

#3 Packing all items

Packing plays a very important role in protecting furniture and appliances while moving. We use such kind of strong packing materials for movers in Abu Dhabi. Strong packing materials like bubble roll, stretch film roll, carton roll, and carton boxes protect your items from all kinds of damages.

We provide all kinds of packing services like packing for cargo, packing for storage, and packing for moving your items. Well-trained packers team provide this duty while shifting your house.

Furniture and appliances we pack in multiple layers the first protection layer for your furniture are blankets which keep the furniture soft. The second is carton roll and the final layer is stretch film roll which fixes the fabric blanket and carton roll with the furniture.

Most clients need a cheaper price and they don’t need packing for their items. But it’s our company rules that we can’t perform moving services without proper packing. If the client doesn’t also do the packing for the fragile items in the cheaper package.

We have professional packers if the client needs to pack the items for cargo or storage. We are here to help! We can do all kinds of multiple layers of strong packing.

The packing process includes high-quality materials like carton rolls and film rolls for furniture, bubble wrap for glass products, and carton boxes for kitchen items; they mainly focus on protecting all items from any kinds of harm and damage.

#4 Loading and Unloading with care

Loading and unloading items are very important things in our service. We work in a very friendly environment, so we keep in mind that all the household items are our household items, and we ensure they are loaded in vehicles with care and unloaded with more respect. Nothing is damaged, and w safely load and unload your stuff at your destination place.

Firstly, they analyze the box size and shift items according to it, and they use the techniques to load it into the vehicle and safely transfer your belongings to your location. The movers and packers team handle everything very smoothly, and they work in a very calm condition.

#5 Relocation & unpacking of furniture and carton boxes

It’s not easy for clients to unpack their items once it’s packed by movers and packers. Because they do multi-layer packing with strong packing materials.

After properly loading your items to the trucks and moving our team will unload them at your new house. And they will remove the packing from your boxes. They will make ready your furniture for fixing as soon as they reach the location.

We also provide ladies workers to do the setting of the items in your cupboards. Also, they will set up your kitchen so you can make your lunch and dinner on the same day in your new house.

Our team will collect all the garbage of the materials which are used for packing. Because there could be a lot of bubble roll, stretch, and carton roll pieces after they unpack your items.

#6 Fast Delivery

We know the value of time and money and don't want to waste them. So we mainly focus on the fattest delivery and speed of your belonging, no matter the time or distance. You are working with the best team of Mover in Abu Dhabi. Your experience with us was the best experience ever had.

If the client already made move-out clearance from the landlord then our team can move a 3 to 4 bedrooms apartment within 6 to 8 hours within Abu Dhabi. Distance matters in delivery the road condition matter in delivery. The more, the distance more time-consuming.

Any other company might charge less and give you the cheapest rate for moving, but they will not be able to drive your stuff in the fast delivery. Proceeding things with care and fast delivery is challenging for the company, but the Najmat Suhail deal with the hassle and give you the quickest delivery ever with care.

#7 Furniture assembling, curtains fitting, and appliances installation

This is the last process of our services once all of your items reached your new place. Our furniture carpenters will start to fix your items as per your directions. You can check your furniture and other items once they unpack for any damage and scratches to inform the supervisor.

Our furniture carpenters will install your washing machines, refrigerator, gas cooker, and dishwasher. If there is any plumbing work required at your new house then they can’t fit your washing machines please inform the landlord if you are living in a rental house.

Our carpenters can install brand new furniture if you bought new items for your house after moving. They will fix as per the company guide available with the furniture.

They will adjust the curtains and install them in your room windows. Also, we do the installation of decore items like wallpaper and photo frames.

We have level tools to fit your TV and mirror on the wall in full accuracy. We can give you extra support if you want to install something not included in the offer.

Why Najam Suhail Furniture Movers and Packers Abu Dhabi is best to hire?

Najam Suhail is a registered moving company in Abu Dhabi. We offer all kinds of small and big relocation services with a guarantee. We have our own moving workers and they are well-trained in our moving institute.

We have explained the benefits of the clients with hiring our company for their house or villa moving.

Affordable and reliable moving price:

We offer budget-saving moving prices to the clients for houses and offices relocation. Our price offers are based on the number of furniture items and appliances. And the transportation distance.

You can get a chance to compare our offer with other moving companies to know the gap and affordability. We offer quotations that include furniture dismantling, packing, transportation, and fixing along with the required packing materials.

Strong packing materials:

We as the trusted furniture movers in Abu Dhabi do the best packing for your items by using such kind strong packing materials. The materials for packing are the only way to shift the items in safety without any damage.

These materials are included in the rate offer we don’t charge extra. Safe moving isn’t possible without using proper materials like bubble wrap, stretch film roll, carton roll, and carton boxes.

We can also supply carton boxes before the moving date if you want to pack your personal items before we reach you for shifting your items.

Covered moving trucks enough space:

Only registered moving companies have box-covered closed trucks. We have 10 trucks which have enough space to carry all kinds of big moving works within a day.

Our trucks have enough space to carry the maximum number of furniture and other household items. And our vehicles are fully closed your items will be safe inside the trucks.

Large shifting in the minimum time period:

As per our resources, we can handle all kinds of big moving works like full buildings apartments, villas compound, a warehouse full of materials, gym heavy equipment, and big offices shifting within one working day.

We have multiple sizes of trucks and 60 total moving workers with furniture carpenters and packing helpers. As an experienced and large moving company, we assure clients to not worry about the time and quality of service.

We can provide only the professionals like furniture carpenters and packing helpers if you want on contract. All of our team is well-trained and they have great skills in the moving industry.

Time is very important that's why we have extra workers to provide instant guaranteed moving service. We can shift items within different Emirates in one working day.

Professional environment:

We not only provide affordable and reliable moving service we also focus on our workers and company performance. The teamwork in a professional way to deliver the service to the clients without washing the time and money of the clients.

Our company always aim to provide easy, quality, and professional service to keep our clients satisfy. If there is any issue while getting your items our team can communicate in Arabic, English, Urdu and some other languages as well so they will inform you at the time.

All workers' behavior is professional and they always respond to clients at the minimum time. They don’t do any work without client permission they ask while work what items where to keep.

After finishing the move you can easily find all of your items in your new house because they do the packing and fixing as you hand over your items to them.

Our company has been awarded in many competitions as the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. Positive customer feedback makes us more reliable and professional.

Packing supplies in advance:

It’s very important to get some packing materials if you want to pack your personal items. Packing your personal items by yourself is good about privacy.

Once the client agrees with our offer we can send some carton boxes, stretch film rolls, and clear tape to pack their personal items.

Make sure to keep some items with yourself while we move your house. The items like cash, jewelry, mobile and tablet, pin drive, and some other items. Customers should keep these items personally because sometimes they can be misplaced “not stolen” but maybe mixed with other items and customers can’t find them at the same time.

Do you need a moving company in Abu Dhabi?

Moving company Abu Dhabi can help you for the overall process of your relocation within Abu Dhabi and to the other places here in UAE. When you need to move and you will be just the only one to pack and move your furniture then it is actually consume a lot of time and really really stressful especially if we don’t have the right packaging materials and vehicles to use unlike hiring movers that can provide our needs all the time when we need to move.

From packing, dissembling and fixing all the items, it truly requires a great deal of time, however when you recruit a moving company in Abu Dhabi that can help you then they are generally prepared to help you in your moving. Our company has a professional team that can help you in packing the entirety of your items using the high-quality packing materials. This will cause you to feel quiet as they can accomplish their work appropriately and finish it on schedule and convey the entirety of the things on the correct process. For your very safe and convenient moving, you can trust the most professional and reliable moving company Abu Dhabi as we are. Whatever things you have to move from any type of home, regardless of whether it is size and number of items, we guarantee that we will pack it and make it sure about until it arrives at its destination.

Our moving company Abu Dhabi, we can pack, dissemble, move and fix. If you have curtains, blinds and lights to be fixed to your new home, we have staff that are exceptionally recognizable in eliminating and fixing numerous kinds and sizes of such things. We offer services of best movers for a very affordable price. We can completely promise you that you will relocate without a doubt and make the most of your move once you hire us. For villas, it is typically made out of 4-6 rooms that truly cause the family to make the most of their living, it can truly cause an excessive amount of pressure when they have to move earnestly and they do have a ton of furniture and appliances to move from their old house to their new house.

With regards to the furniture and appliances, we will pack everything to guarantee that it won't get harm or get any damages while moving it. We have our own packaging materials and best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi that will cause you to feel happy with your move when you get our services.

packers and movers

How are the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi?

As you know the meaning of best! We are best movers and packers located all across the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi and other emirates as well. Our relocation services are stress free and easy. Our prices and service qualities are better than other companies as we did an audit in 2020 all over moving companies in Abu Dhabi.

We offer full moving and packing services that we can guarantee our customers can move seamlessly and orderly. You can choose us as the movers that can give all of you the essential strategies and materials that you require for your moving. With here, we are glad to serve and provide you all the moving and packing services for a very affordable price.

With regards to movers, we have secured moving trucks furthermore,licensed drivers that will guarantee that every one of your things will be conveyed to its next destination. When it comes to packing, we have all around packers or staff that know how to pack your furniture appropriately with the goal that it won't get any harm while moving it until it reaches the new location.

If you are looking for someone to assist you in your move, you can call us for for any kind of moving service. Are you still planning to move? Do you need some help about moving and relocating? Want us to deliver you the best service we are always offering? Please contact us today to assist you in everything that you need the best relocation in Abu Dhabi.

What is the price for packers and movers in Abu Dhabi?

Prices for movers Abu Dhabi are based on different calculations. It depends on the house total rooms quantity, packaging materials, needed workers, distance, transportation etc. We give prices based on site inspection. It could be a very short survey to check the items for quote calculation. We guarantee our prices will be very cheap compared to other companies but the most important thing is service quality. We take 100% responsibility for our services and there will be nothing any deficiency which is a sign of best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. Our company is located all over the country if you are anywhere in UAE. Just call the nearest team and they will be there within a couple of hours.

Packers and movers that are from our moving company can help you in all the things that need to be done in regards to your moving. We have professional packers and movers that have all the abilities to pack, dismantle, and fix your furniture and appliances in your home. We are exceptionally certain that we can ready to give you that best and important needs like packaging materials that will be utilized to pack the entirety of your furniture and appliances at home or office. As expert packers and movers, we have secured moving trucks that can be utilized to stack all your items and transfer it to the next location. Our rates will surely fit in your budget and you can guarantee that you will hire the best packers and movers.

What are house movers in Abu Dhabi?

House movers are those who provide services for house, villa and any kind of residential shifting services in Abu Dhabi. There are main two types of moving services which are commercial and residential movers. House movers Abu Dhabi are in the residential category. And our company provides all kinds of residential relocation services in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates as well. Our workers are especially well-trained for house moving services. As they know everything about house items like furniture, appliances, and decor.

They can dismantle, pack and fix all kinds of furniture very quickly and make sure that there will be everything safe in your house. We guarantee and take full responsibilities of our services. Our moving company in Abu Dhabi continuously provides house shifting services as a need. We assist in all types of residen-moving; villa, apartment, flats and also for commercial moving. You are the motivation behind why we endeavor harder and look for what truly is correct and reasonable assistance to convey. House shifting considers a great deal of things with regards to moving and packing anywhere in UAE. House moving company can take all your worries away when it comes to moving. Our mission is to provide all the needs of our customers, we can guarantee that they will be satisfied with our house movers in Abu Dhabi.

Frequently asked questions

Clients can check this section if they want more information about our services. These questions have been collected in our overall experience.

People also ask about these questions on google so make sure to read and understand our working strategy.

Q.1: How much are movers in Abu Dhabi?

Ans: Moving cost is not fixed and without inspecting the items no can give you the accurate price details. You can get just the estimated price without inspecting the items but not the actual.

For the accurate moving price in Abu Dhabi you just need to contact our team and our supervisor will inspect the number of items, quality of packing, and transportation distance.

The estimated price for a one-bedroom apartment or villa is 800 AED to 1400 AED is based on the quantity, quality, and transportation distance.

Two-bedroom apartment or villa: 1400 to 1700 AED. Three-bedroom apartment or villa: 1700 to 2000 AED. Four-bedroom apartment or villa: 2400 to 3400 AED.

But make sure that if you need a reliable and affordable price for moving in Abu Dhabi you have to contact our team for house inspection.

Q.2: How are moving costs calculated?

Ans: Moving cost calculation is based on the number of items to move, usage of packing materials, number of required moving workers, number of trucks needed, and transportation distance.

We calculate the moving price once the supervisor inspects your house or office. After a proper personal or video inspection, our team will send you the calculated price and work duration.

Make sure if you want to increase or decrease the number of items to move our team will revise the offer based on the selected items.

For more price details of movers and packers Abu Dhabi please read Q.1 in this section.

Q:3: How do movers pack clothes?

Ans: Moving companies can do the packing of clothes as the customer required. We have large hanger boxes to hang your clothes and Qandoora, Abaya, etc in the boxes. And if you already folded your clothes then we pack them in a medium-size carton box.

As we try to provide professional service we always ask about the packing that how to pack each item. We are trusted movers and packers in Abu Dhabi because customer satisfaction is our high priority.

You can get hangers and medium size boxes if you want to pack your clothes by yourself. Our team can deliver before 2 days of the scheduled date.

Q:4 Do you empty drawers when moving?

Yes, we empty all of your drawers and cupboards and we pack these items in carton boxes. But we recommend our clients to pack all of their personal items before the moving team comes to your place.

Sometimes in the drawers the most expensive and personal items we see and we ask the client where to pack these items or if the client wants to pack these items by himself.

Q:5 How do movers protect furniture when moving?

Ans: We as the best moving company Abu Dhabi protect furniture and other household items from damages and scratches. We pack furniture with multiple items like fabric clean soft blankets, carton rolls, stretch film rolls and we protect the furniture corners with corner pieces.

We have different sizes of carpet pieces to pack the sides and corners of your furniture which will not damage while transporting.

Strong packing is the only way to protect furniture and other items from getting damaged. We ensure the safety of your items and the quality of service. We are responsible for any kind of damage that occurs while moving.

Q:6 What if my items were damaged while moving?

Ans: We try our best to protect your items but if the furniture and appliances are damaged by our team then we provide 2 solutions. We have a full insurance plan to recover your damaged items. And we can repair it if the damage is not very heavy.

Our supervisor will deal with this situation and he will offer repair and replacement. The customer items' safety and satisfaction are our highest priority. He will ask you to decide on a repair or bring the same new item.

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