How and when to pay Najmat Suhail Furniture Movers?

Najmat Suhail is a professional moving company that provides different kinds of payment methods. Mostly we accept cash after work completion. We explain all about our payment methods while dealing with clients. We accept cash, online transaction, and bank cheque as well.

Cash Payment:

For all residential movings, we accept cash after work finishes. But if the amount is more than 10 thousand AED then we accept bank transfers or online transaction. Otherwise, all payments are in cash if for residential moves.

Online Payment:

Online payment is conditional if the amount is over than 10 thousand AED then we accept online transactions from Visa and Mastercards. If the client doesn’t have cash in their wallet and they have a bank app to transfer online then we provide our bank account details.

We are trying to improve our payment terms and issue a card payment machine to our team which will be very beneficial for those clients who prefer to pay online. But currently, we don’t have a card payment machine facility.

Cheque payment:

We don’t accept cheques from personal accounts the cheque facility is only available for commercial clients. If the client has a business account then we accept cheque payments but make sure the cheque should not be more than 1 week.

For more cheque-related information please contact our company supervisor who will provide you with more details about cheque payment.

When to pay?

If the client needs packing supplies before the scheduled moving date then we need 20% advance payment otherwise all payments are after work completion. We provide a receipt as proof of work completion and payment to the client once the work gets finished and the customer is ready to pay.

If the client will be not available on moving day then we prefer to pay in advance or hand over the payment to another person who will present on the scheduled date.

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