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Najmat Suhail Residential & Commercial Movers and Packers

Najmat Suhail furniture movers and packers in Dubai is an LLC moving company located in all Emirates of UAE. Our services are house, office, store, shop and all kinds of commercial and residential moving and packing.

We do house moving service all over the country with care and guarantee. Our focus is on helping our customers while moving their items. Our team is professionally trained and experts in the villa and office shifting. We use high-quality packing materials to protect all of your items.

We give very cheap prices as professional moving company Dubai. We send a supervisor to inspect the items in-house and then we send a quotation to our client based on the furniture and appliances with full packing.

Our company has been registered in all Emirates of UAE and we are legal to do work of movers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain.

Every human being has to migrate at some point in his life for a fresh start. There could be many reasons for this relocation. Such as starting a new business or expanding the business, and for this purpose, they need experienced and trained movers and packers in Dubai.

Migrating from one city to another for employment or transferring officially. Either you think there are better opportunities to live in another place. Or you move from one place to another for better living conditions. And sometimes some reasons are so depressing that you want to leave your favorite place just because it's not possible to live there anymore.

Whatever the reason, we need to move our family members safely along with our belongings. So you may need the services of relocation company in Dubai to move your valuables. Dubai's population is largely dependent on immigrants, so large numbers of people move from place to place.

Dubai is a city where migration is very large. People move from one place to another on an almost daily basis. For the convenience of all people like them and you, there are many relocation companies in Dubai. But we need to know what to look for when selecting them.

As we have told you, most of Dubai's population is dependent on immigrants, so there is a lot of movers in Dubai here. Now it becomes very difficult to choose one of the many options. Let's summarize a little bit about what we should take care of.

movers and packers in Dubai

Steps of hiring movers in Dubai

Once you contact us after we send our professional supervisor to check out all the items in your home. He'll be the one who will cooperate with you while you're moving from survey to end of the service. He'll inspect all items to give you an estimated price according to the packing you need and the distance to transport your furniture and other items.

You'll get the price which will very different from other moving companies. There are two main benefits you'll get which are cheap price and guaranteed work. We are cheap movers and packers in Dubai because our goal is to make our service reliable and available in all Emirates.

We'll schedule the date as per your agreement and also we'll deliver some carton boxes if you want to pack your items by yourself like some personal items.

The work will be done with a full guarantee of any damage or missing item. We take full responsibility for the items except for some items which should be taken by you. The items are (Money, Gold, Mobile, USB, Wrest Watch, etc) these items are not included in our guarantee.

Qualities of best movers and packers

Experience and training

The most important thing to keep in mind is how much personal experience the company has. And how much experience do the employees working in this company have? And how skilled they are? Does the company better train its employees? Does this mover and packer in Dubai specialize in its work?

Believe this, all these things can be found very easily. You should not worry too much to find out about these things. Just do a quick search on the internet and you will know how better is that specific mover in Dubai?

At the same time, you can find out how it trains its team. It is not uncommon for them to hire any person in their company to get their work done and put your valuables at stake.

Customer service matters a lot

You can tell how good a mover in Dubai is by how happy and satisfied its customers are. Do they answer all your questions? Do they satisfy you in the best way and take away all your worries? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then give it a go and give this mover and packer in Dubai a chance right away.

And it will also give you an idea of what kind of tools and techniques they are using to pack your things. And what methods they are applying to move them. Yes, those are your valuables and you have every right to get rid of all your worries first. So ask them whatever you want and don't hire any mover and packers in Dubai until you are satisfied.

Safe and secure service

Man has a deep attachment not only with human beings but also with his things. Like your children's first closet or your wedding bed or your grandfather's old couch. That you have till now is just because of an emotional attachment.

Can you imagine any of these being damaged while moving from one place to another? To avoid this, choose movers in Dubai that has the responsibility to move your furniture with security and safety.

Obviously, Any home has all kinds of furniture. Your home furniture may contain some delicate items that use glass. And need to be carefully moved from one place to another. The best mover in Dubai is the one that not only takes the responsibility of moving an item but also packs it in the best possible way.

In today's modern age many tools and equipment have been introduced. By which the delicate things are packed in the best way so that there is no problem in moving them.

Affordability and availability

Moving your home, office, or business from one place to another is a daunting task. In this work, your money, your hard work, and your time are used equally. On the one hand, you have been given the notice to leave the place and on the other hand, there is a time to reach the new place.

In such a situation, if they do not send their team at the decided time. So you may face a delay in leaving your current place and reaching your new place. Which may cause you embarrassment. To avoid this hassle, choose movers and packers in Dubai that will show up at any time and will not break its promise.

When it comes to expenses, moving from one place to another is costly. And it is not wise at all to lose your pockets for your benefit. Be sure to choose a company that offers you the best services for the least amount of money.

Another important point to be made here is that you should not hire any mover and packers in Dubai only based on claims, but you should call for them for inspection of your house once and for all. So that they can know how long it will take them to do this work in the best way.

Frequently asked questions regarding packers and movers Dubai

Mostly our customers ask about these questions you can also get answers here. As a professional moving company in Dubai, we provide full assistance to our clients if they ask anything about their house or office furniture transferring.

How much do movers and packers cost in Dubai?

The cost is based on the quality of work requested by the client. But I'll just give you ideas here then you can understand how much your moving charges will be.

If you have a one-bedroom apartment with a living room and kitchen and you want to move within Dubai then it can be between 800-1000 AED. But the actual cost is based on the type of work and quantity of furniture.

We are cheap and the best movers in Dubai because services are professional and guaranteed. We also provide prices based on your budget if your budget is limited and you want just to move items without packing. But we also pack fragile items if your budget is limited because we want to make long-term relations with our customers.

Do packers and movers pack for you?

Yes! they provide all kinds of packing services like furniture packing, appliances packing, etc. The full service includes furniture dismantling, packing, and fixing appliances.

Do you survey for estimated charges?

We have a supervisor who does free surveys 24/7. We can check your house items if you are looking for a moving company in Dubai. We'll inspect all of your house items and then calculate the charges based on packing quality, quantity, and distance.

How can I pay for movers?

We accept cash and online payment as well. But mostly in cash and for online payment there is a condition if the amount more than 10,000.00 AED then you can make an online payment to us otherwise cash after work finish.

Types of moving service

We provide all kinds of residential and commercial relocation services. Are you looking for villa movers in Dubai?

We are the best villa relocators with a guarantee. We do all kinds of villas, houses, apartments, buildings, studios, offices, stores, hospitals, medical stores, markets, shops, etc moving and packing.

We have a well-trained moving team like helpers, furniture carpenters, drivers, etc. Our trucks are box-covered which are very protective in all kinds of weather. We use high-quality packing materials to wrap all of your items and properly protect them from any kind of damage.

We use carton boxes, bubble wrap, stretch film roll, corrugated roll, and clear tape to pack all of your stuff. Our service includes furniture, appliances, curtains, photo frames dismantling, packing, and fixing in the new house.

We also have expert carpenters and the technical team they can dismantle all kinds of machinery, gym, and big chillers, etc. Our furniture carpenters can dismantle and fix all kinds of furniture like Ikea, Royal, Luxury, Italian, Local, etc.

Najmat Suhail furniture movers will be the best and trusted moving company if you compare it to other moving companies in Dubai. Because our prices are very reliable and affordable like a small and limited budget of the family can afford our prices easily.

Office moving services

A person's business is his most valuable asset. Because you have to work hard day and night to run your business and your sweat are one for growing it. But there are also reasons for which we have to move our business from one place to another.

But the first step in moving a business is to move your office. Your office is the most important and most valuable place in your business. This is where the initial and most important decisions for you to start your business were made.

Your valuable documents, information about your business, and information about your property are all present in your office. So if you hand over your office relocation to irresponsible and inexperienced movers and packers in Dubai, you may have lost some valuable information papers.

Choose highly experienced and skilled team for this job. As moving office is more of a hassle than moving your house and apartment. And keep an eye on how they package your essentials. Are these office shifters packing up your valuable files in a proper manner or not?

There are also some offices where you have your education certificate or your experience certificate framed and hung on the walls. Such as the degrees of a doctor or dentist or the certificates of a lawyer. This is the accumulated capital of any human being so they too should be packed and transferred very carefully.

Not only are the necessary papers and documents present in the office but you have also decorated your office beautifully according to your taste. Sometimes when you go to a place for leisure or on a business trip, you bring a valuable vase or a wall decoration and place it in your office. It is just as important to move safe and secure office items as the most valuable and delicate things at home.

The best company is the one that comes to your office and takes a look at the whole place and makes a plan. And at the same time, let you know according to their plan and tell you a fixed time. So that you do not suffer from any kind of haste. And don't interrupt any of your business meetings. You already have your work done.

Najmat Suhail Furniture movers L.L.C is providing the best facilities for office relocation. We will move everything from your essential papers to your precious vases with utmost safety and care. Contact us if you want to avail of the best services at the best price.

Warehouse relocation

Most businesses deal with warehouses somewhere. Whether you have a clothing business, food business, or electronics business, you must have a warehouse in all of these businesses. Now if you have to move your business from one place to another then obviously moving an office will not end your work.

The real hassle will be when you move your warehouse from one place to another but don't worry you have many experienced movers and packers in Dubai for this purpose. Just spend some money and take advantage of the facilities.

Because the warehouses contain a bulk quantity of goods and it takes a lot of time and effort to move them. On the other hand, packing the goods in the warehouse and unpacking it after moving to another place is a very responsible job. So hire the best relocation company to move your warehouse stuff from one place to another.

Now the second major concern for warehouse transfer is that you also have to take care of the safety and security of your belongings. So make sure that the moving company Dubai you are choosing have a nice name. And what is their role among other competitive movers and how much security they are providing you?

Sometimes it can be seen that they provide you the best security are also more expensive. But if you decide how valuable your belongings are, it will not be bad to you pay a little more for its safe relocation. To save a little money if you are taking more risks then this is not wise.

Villa relocation

We can better understand that any human being wants to move his belongings carefully. Now whether you move your house, apartment, office, or any villa, your problem is the same. To save you from this hassle, Najmat Suhail Furniture mover L.L.C in Dubai has come up with a convenient and safe transfer of goods for you.

We relocate your villa efficiently and without wasting your time and staying within your budget. Moving to a villa from a Villa is just as troublesome as moving an apartment or warehouse. You need to hire the best movers to transport your valuables, your furniture.

And your delicate and antique decorative items should be handled with care. Loading and unloading of art pieces should be done in a professional way. The service supplier should make sure that there is no damage at all.

Apartment relocation

The majority of Dubai's population lives in apartments. People from other cities and countries also prefer to stay in apartments to join Dubai's life. Now that we all know that these apartments are on the heights, in multi-story buildings so you have the best apartment to live in.

Now when you move your home in such buildings, great care must be taken to move your belongings from top to bottom. That's why there are many movers and packers in Dubai that offer the best facilities and move your belongings from one place to another through the latest technology and equipment.

Company best prepare their employees for how to pack delicate items and sharp corner items. And then carefully move them from the top floor to the bottom. And then loading them into a truck and taking them to another place and if you choose the apartment again in another place then this way to get these things upstairs is all part of their training.

Moving from one apartment to another is a daunting task so our advice to you is to hire the best packers and relax your soul. Where you don't have to work hard, your valuables will be carefully moved.

How do we move the following listed items?

Kitchen related items

No matter how much we calm ourselves, it is clear that moving things is a very careful thing to do. And even more difficult is the relocation of delicate household items. First of all, let's talk about crockery and kitchen items.

While we need to be careful about moving our kitchen utensils, we also need to take care of their cleanliness. Obviously, if we do not take care of the cleanliness of the utensils, then it can have a bad effect on our health. Now it is important to keep in mind what kind of packaging Najmat Suhail are adopting for the kitchen.

Be aware that these packers are not packing the utensils used in your kitchen together with the items used in your bathroom. And keep an eye on how well they are packing your delicate and precious crockery.

If these movers and packers in Dubai are working to your liking then rest assured you have made the best decision at the right time. An expert and experienced moving company will never damage your belongings in any way and if it is done by mistake they will fully compensate you.

Antiques and delicate objects

The professionalism of any moving and storage company can be gauged from how they behave. How professionally they pack and transport your antique and delicate and decorative items.

Because lifting heavy furniture or moving things from the bathroom or bedroom or closets to another place is not as difficult as moving small, delicate, and antique things. Your home decor or antique items that you have bought and brought to your home from other places or countries make your home unique.

Not only are they more expensive but they are also more important than living beings. And the most considered thing to move them is how they are packed. If the relocation company in Dubai pack them properly, there is no question of them being damaged or broken.

Pets and plants

There is no doubt that pets and plants add to the beauty of any home or office. And for those who love pets and plants, it's more than just children for them. If you are one of them, you will surely be equally concerned about the relocation of them.

If you are keeping pets, choose a mover in Dubai that has a special way of transporting them. To move animals, they need to take good care of air, water, and grains during the way. Transferring these pets and plants expertly can be an important aspect of any relocation company.

Similarly, the best movers in Dubai is the one that takes special care to move the plants. And without affecting their branches and roots. And you have to be just as careful to move pots.

You don't have to worry about everything separately because if you hire professional company they know the best way to transfer these things. These relocators will also move your belongings easily and safely, and your passion will remain in place.

Tips you and moving company to follow while moving

Don’t overpack belongings

More important than moving from one place to another is how well your belongings are packed. The skill of movers is judged by the way they pack your things. Because packing things up from one place and putting them in a truck and unloading them at another place is not a matter of skill.

One doesn't need a brain to do this, you just need a little strength. The thing that makes you use your mind and intellect and skills is how they pack your things.

Who knows these movers and packers in Dubai are packing delicate things with heavy things. Or pack items that have sharp pointed corners in a lightweight package that explodes on cartons or bags.

It is work that is done with a lot of calculation and with a lot of sophistication. Your crockery, glass vase, or other decorative items should be packed very carefully. Similarly, if you have plants or pets etc. in your house, they should also be moved in such a way that their condition does not deteriorate along the way.

Birds, fish, and plants have such a nature that if they are inadvertently touched or moved from one place to another, they will soon die. So, fish tanks, birdcages, and plants must also be packed in a very technical manner to move them from one place to another. The training of employees of good relocation company involves how they deal with living things.

Similarly, if you have large items in your home such as a piano or a large dressing table, or a large showcase, it takes a lot of ingenuity to move such items. All of these companies have excellent wording and claims that they use such and such packing techniques. That allows your light or heavy or delicate goods to be moved to another location in minutes.

And it happens. So not every mover in Dubai that is making this claim needs to live up to its promises. Most of them are also providing you with the best service for the best money.

Make a plan before moving

Arrangements and plannings are very important in life. Every task should be according to your plan. Unless you plan to do any task, it will not work well. Where life's big tasks require a lot of planning, even the smallest tasks require a lot of arrangements and before-time plans.

Whichever company you choose, it is important that you sit with these movers and packers. Almost two weeks before the time of your migration and set a plan.

Because sometimes it is seen that some movers and packers put the owners to backstage and take hold of all kinds of work and decisions themselves. These companies are in such a hurry to get their work done that they don't listen to you. And in a hurry to get their work done can sometimes do a lot of damage.

If you sit down with them and make a plan. You can avoid many of these and other problems. In the plan, it can be discussed whether to carry all the goods in one go or it may take two or three rounds. You can also decide the routes for moving.

You can set time and take other precautionary measures. Remember the best movers in Dubai is the one that listens to you. And also moves your furniture as carefully as if it were their things. That's why Najmat Suhail Furniture movers L.L.C considers all these things. And we carefully move your lovable and valuable items from one place to another safe and secure.

Marking and labeling

If you really want ease for yourself and don't want anything to damage or lost then follow this tip. Following this tip will make it easier to carefully move your belongings to another location. And there will be no question of losing your most-loved items.

When these movers and packers come to your home to pack your items, instruct them to do labels and markings on all kinds of cartons. For example, they can label extremely delicate and sensitive cartons and can put “handle with care” caution on them. And you can also ask the packers to put a ‘books” label on top of your books box and put a “bathroom” on top of your bathroom accessories and so on.

That way when the movers and packers in Dubai pack your things, not only will they be easier to move. There will be no problem in re-opening them and putting them in their place.

This way you can separate your kitchen, bathroom, and TV lounge items and easily move them from one place to another. And also be free from the hassle of losing them. These methods are such that if the goods are packed in this way, it proves to be specialized moving company.

The delicate glassware is in one box, your books are in another box, and your antique and valuable decorations are in a separate box. And all these boxes should be labeled with the items inside.

Try not to lift heavy objects on your own

An expert and experienced company knows how to lift heavy loads and move them. Try not to carry heavy household items on your own but get help from these movers. This is because if you do it yourself, there are two kinds of risks. If you try to carry heavy loads on your own, it may fall off you and your valuables may be damaged.

And the second risk is that this heavy object may fall on your feet or you may get back pain while lifting it. Now that you have all the other hassles of moving from one place to another, you may not be able to hold on to your back or be compelled by the pain in your feet. So don’t put yourself in danger and spend a little money to hire an expert and experienced moving company.

Experienced packers movers team will very expertly move your heavy furniture from one place to another. Because heavy items are not lifted but they are done with just movements. Modern tools and techniques are used to move heavy goods. In the same way, many types of equipment are used to load heavy objects into the truck.

Excellent movers in Dubai have all the tools available and its employees are familiar with all the techniques to lift, load, and unload heavy objects. Hiring the best relocation company can be a good decision. It can save your time and effort.

Why choose us?

Najmat Suhail furniture movers are the most trusted and reliable moving service provider in UAE and other middle east countries as well. Our primary goal is to provide a smooth relocation service to our clients. We give very cheap prices according to the type of work. Our services are punctual we not late any work if customer fixed the time. Our team reaches 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

We provide full help in moving time to our customer our supervisor monitoring everything. There is no chance of missing items if you hire our moving company because our workers are professionally trained.

We take 100% responsibility for your expensive items like furniture and appliances if there will be any damage by our workers we'll fix it according to your decision.

Pros of legal and professional movers

Let us now mention here some of the pros and cons of movers and packers in Dubai. And first of all, we will have an eye on their pros. It is always beneficial for you to hire expert movers and packers from an experienced company.

There is nothing wrong with spending some money to get the best movers for your relocation.

#1. The biggest benefit of hiring movers is that you can save valuable time. This is also a big misconception if you think that DIY for this purpose will save you money and time.

Because we have no experience in packing and moving our heavy or delicate objects from one place to another. This task is not as easy as moving an object from one room to another because we have to move an entire house, an entire villa, or an entire office from one place to another. So the biggest benefit is that we save a lot of time.

#2. Then there is the benefit of hiring movers in Dubai is to move our goods safely without any damage. With the utmost safety and care, our precious and delicate things are moved.

And the secret behind it all is that these guys pack your stuff the best. So hiring the best movers and packers in Dubai will never make you feel regret.

#3. While these movers and packers move your furniture with a budget of time and with great care, the third biggest advantage is that they are not so expensive. Of course, there are moving companies that are providing the best services at very low prices. The wise thing to do is to spend your little money and save your precious time and your valuables.

#4. Many companies move your items from one place to another with insurance. So, before choosing these companies, you need to know which company is insuring to which extent.

If any of your delicate items or furniture are damaged or lost in relocation, these packers and movers will pay you back. This is an advantage because if you have a loss. You will have to pay for it out of your pocket. But if there is any loss from these movers then you get insurance.

Cons of illegal and private movers

If we say that hiring these companies is only beneficial, then obviously we are resorting to lies. Now let us know a little bit of bitter truth here. If you resort to these movers and packers in Dubai, to what extent would you be at a disadvantage or a problem?

#1. The first disadvantage may be that the movers make as many claims as possible. But if their employees are inexperienced then your furniture may be severely damaged.

These movers in Dubai will not be careful in packing your things nor moving them. Which will not only tarnish the name of the company but will also spoil your belongings. So before hiring them, do thorough research.

#2. There are some movers and packers that ignore you and do not pack or move as you wish. This is because they have contracts in more than one place and they have less time. But if you sit down and meet with them once and for all, your problems may be solved and your relocation may be as you wish.

#3. Sometimes it happens that the better the movers and packers are, the more rules and regulations they have. Like they have packages to move home, to move office, and to move villa. And it becomes mandatory for you to choose only one of these packages.

Whether your home is that big or not, you have to pay the price. Choose companies that are flexible enough to suit your needs and make a package according to your wish.

Precautionary measures for packers & movers related to COVID-19

This is a very difficult time for the world. We all know how badly this virus has affected the whole world. Where the virus is spreading so fast, we can avoid it if we take precautions. The world has not stopped with this.

In the same way, you don't have to stop to move your belongings from one place to another, but you have to be careful. Obviously, when you hire movers and packers in Dubai they will come to your house, touch your things, and social distance will not be taken care of.

But there are also specialized moving companies that can provide you with the best services even in such difficult times. These companies have trained their employees in the best possible way. Also if you have any worries in your mind. So you can ask these movers how they were trained against COVID-19.

You can see in the movers some of the outward precautions we all know. Such as wearing gloves on hands, wearing a face mask, and taking care of social distance. And if one of their employees is sick or coughing or has a cold, avoid sending him or her to your home.

At the same time, all their tools and other equipment should be fully sanitized. An expert and experienced movers will not need to say all this. You will naturally see all precautions in them. Professional companies do not risk the lives of their customers for the slightest money.

Are you looking for best movers and packers in Dubai?

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