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The best movers and packers in Sharjah for your house or office

Moving household items like furniture, home appliances, and other things from one place to another is tough but movers and packers in Sharjah make this process easy for you. You can shift your whole house within a couple of hours from anywhere in UAE at a very affordable price.

Najmat Suhail Furniture Movers will provide a professional and smooth service to carry all of your furniture and other items in the minimum time. Our company has box-covered trucks which are very safe for your items.

Najmat Suhail provides all kinds of houses, villas, apartments, and offices moving in Sharjah. The staff of the company is very professional and well-trained by our supervisors who are serving for 20 years in the moving and transportation industry.

Affordable and professional service is the main goal of our company and we assure our client's about the quality of our relocation service. We are nearby if you are looking for movers in Sharjah to shift your belongings with safety and full protection.

We are also avilable in other Emirates of UAE if you are visiting this page from other Emirates we also provide movers in Abu Dhabi.

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The qualities of our moving company that! why we are recommended?

We are in the industry from 20 years and we understand what our clients exactly need. As by our personal survey from the previous clients we got 93% satisfied clients based on below qualities.

Najmat Suhail movers and packers in Sharjah are very famous in the country nowadays because of the affordable and professional moving service. Because the first priority of our team is to relocate your items with safety.

  • Reliable and affordable moving service charge
  • Stronger packing with high-quality wrapping materials
  • Enough size of trucks which can carry full villa furniture in a single trip
  • Punctual service at a fixed time
  • Packing materials availability before some days of moving
  • Personal items packing tips
  • Furniture and appliances repair service in bonus
  • Right fit movers and packers team
  • These qualities were asked from our clients in the survey and their answer was very satisfied. The manners of our team are very decent and we ask our customers while dismantling and fixing furniture to give us directions how they want to fix their favorite items.

    Expert packing team members

    The team of Najmat Suhail is working very hard to feel reliable to our customers with high professional relocation service. It is the first ever company that uses the latest technology system and modern method to move assets of our clients.

    We do the best packing of items from your home to relocation place. For the packing, we use carton boxes, carton rolls, bubble rolls, stretch film rolls, new fabric blankets, packaging peanuts, and many more materials to save our client's expensive furniture and appliances. We are the best relocation company because we have vast experience in moving households across the UAE.

    We provide the loading and unloading process very carefully. Another best thing is we properly pack the home with moisture and dust-resistant material to keep things scratch-free. Najmat Suhail is the only company which is providing a very comfortable and reliable service for moving from one place to another place in or outside Sharjah.

    Trustworthy Shifting Service

    You have to trust us to move your equipment from one place to another in UAE. We are promising you that we will handle everything with care and safety. We also promise you your experience with us is very calm and comfy. And you will recommend our service to your friend and family because movers in Sharjah give you the benefit of moving safely and harmlessly. We care about your values, and our friendly team will take out all your moving stress.

    With a year of experience, We have become a well-renowned company in the UAE. Our dedication is to satisfy our customers with our work. We offers you a good quality service at a very affordable price that suits your budget.

    We are the most authentic movers. Our employees are skilled and well-trained to ensure your move is completed on time and keep the clients satisfied with our work because we are the most trustworthy and reliable team. We use the best and most modern techniques and materials, from large and fragile to small things.

    Our well-trained team of movers and packers will pack your belonging with care and will properly load them into the moving truck. Our work will tell you how hard the movers and packers teamwork.

    24/7 service, movers and packers are always on time

    We have the best customer service too. We are available 24/7 to make sure to do our work before the date. Because time is everything and saving the customer time saves the annoying customer movement.

    Time is gold, and we don't want to waste your time just choosing, packing, and moving stuff. I decided on the movers and packers in Sharjah and got relaxed. Please sit back and see how they are providing you with the best relocation service. The team is an expert in moving and packing, so they can provide you with all the things and services that are needed for your moving.

    There are many following reasons to choose us. We have professional and well-trained staff ready to handle all the hustle.

    Available all over the country is also a best quality of our company as we are also available as movers in Dubai.

    What services do we provide?

    We are just not moving a household, also moving offices, warehouse, shop, supermarket, gym, etc., whether a small office or a huge supermarket, we provide a very safe service. We make it easier for businesses to relocate and shift without any harm. With the Moving company in Sharjah we endeavor to earn our customer's satisfaction with our services and trust.

    We are the most professional relocation company located all over the country with the most trusted, affordable, and reliable team. We manage the households like they are ours, and we ensure all the items are safe and cost-effective facilities for your residential and commercial moving.

    Moving from one place to another place is such a stressful process. Loading and Unloading is not a piece of cake. Still, now you don't have to worry about the choice of moving company for your relocation to any residential and commercial place with our friendly environment team. Movers in Sharjah provide extensive and covered vehicles for your packed stuff and safely transfer it to your desired location.

    Our team mainly focus on your property and protect all of your household and appliance from any damage while in the transferring process, as you all know about the packaging and what tools they are using for your stuff. They assure you that they will give you the best movers and packers service in UAE with a well-trained and professional team.

    House furniture moving:

    House furniture moving is a part of residential relocation. Najmat suhail always warm welcome to the clients who needs residential or house moving. Our offers are very affordable for residential moving because we try to help the residents and citizens of UAE to play a role in the economy of UAE.

    There are different sizes of houses in Sharjah and our company is able to handle all kinds of big and small relocation tasks. We have enough working labor and assets to move your house within a certain hours.

    Every moving company is fit to shift house items because their workers are private and not skilled. But Najmat Suhail furniture movers is a registered company and all our workers has valid visa with the right disignation.

    Villa furniture and electronics moving:

    As villa is also a part of residential moving but villa is different than house because of the size and some other factors. We do villa moving in Sharjah with guarantee within a day. From 3 bedrooms to 20 bedrooms of villas we can shift in one working day.

    Our service is based on one time payment and for contract with real estate companies. If you have a large number of villas like full villa compounds then the contract can be very beneficial for you.

    Don’t worry about the quality of service and the protection of your items. We will wrap everything in proper packing materials to ensure protection.

    Apartment relocation:

    If you are looking for someone to move your apartment then your search end here. Because we are right fit for this position to move your apartment or studio. We can shift a single room apartment or the full building because we have enough resources.

    Our team move out your furniture by stairs if the elevator facility not available in your building. Make sure that here the price will be little changed than move out through elevator because it needs more workers and time.

    Office furniture and IT system moving:

    Office moving is not easy for all moving company to do because it needs professional experience to handle all office items like furniture and IT systems.

    We have proper materials to protect your data files and office equipment without any delay and damage. As professional office movers and packers in Sharjah you can trust us to move your office.

    Our prices are very affordable according to the quantity and quality of service because we do full inspection before giving you an estimated offer. After proper inspection we are able to give you reliable price offer.

    Movers in Sharjah service details step-by-step

    Now let me explain our service process and procedure ideally which will help you to understand how a moving company operates. All these steps will follow by our team to complete your moving.


    Furniture and appliances dismantling is the first phase of our service in which our team will start to dismantle all those items which seems not fit in the vehicles and not move out by doors. It can be furniture like bed, cupboard, table, sofa and appliances like ac, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.

    Make sure that dismatling of your items will be damage and scratch free because our team is well-trained and they can dismantle any item in your house or office.


    Packing is the second phase in which we will pack all your furniture, appliances and other home general items. Our packers will use best quality of packing materials to ensure the safety of during loading/unloading and moving.

    The most usable packing items are carton boxes, carton roll, stretch film roll, bubble roll and clean fabric blankets. Each category of item will be packed in different material like furniture in carton roll and blankets, glasses and fragile items in bubble roll, appliances in stretch film roll etc.


    Najmat Suhail has the best transporation system like trucks and loading/unloading team. We have from 1 to 5 ton of box covered and open trucks which we use for house and office shifting. Our trucks have enough space which can carry a whole house or office furniture at a single trip which is very beneficial for time saving.

    These trucks are properly closed which will protect your expensive items from sun heat, dust, rain and storm during moving. There are many trucks available in our company which means we are able to handle small and big moves.


    Furniture and appliances fitting is the last phase of our service where all your belongings will fix by our team once arrive safely. Our team know how to fit each item and where to fit. First they will fit all furniture inside baby rooms and elder rooms so they will not wait out-side of house for very long.

    You can inform our team where do you need to fit the specific items like cupboards, dressing tables, and appliances.

    The team will also fit brand new furniture and appliances if you bought for your new home so you don’t need to hire someone else to install and fix these items for you.

    Here you can visit movers in Al Ain page to get our service if you are from there. We have branches everywhere in the country.

    How Najmat Suhail help their clients?

    We as a team know how much we are working to assist our customers with high relocation service. The Najmat Suhail is a very well-renowned moving company in Sharjah. We assure you the best quality shifting and moving customer service.

    Ensuring the safety of goods is our concern while moving from one place to another. They use the best type of material for packing them separately in cartons, bubble wraps, and loading and unloading with care at your destination.

    Choose the best relocation company because we handle each and everything very carefully and professionally. We also provide all the best tools and materials that are important for moving safely. Our team keeps coordinating with your opinion and thoughts on relocation service to keep you satisfied.

    We provide service according to each client's demand, and we make sure the relocation is not stressful. We do it very carefully and full of dedication. We have the best team of experts who can help you quickly move your house or any residential or commercial place.

    Our professional moving team is fully trained to take care of your stuff. All the expert staff of movers and packers in Sharjah take extra care if any furniture does not fit through the doors.

    We provide a written list of the items to identify the items to be moved, weight, box count, size and value of unique items, payment terms, and so on. We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed mover and packer team in UAE with a long track record of delivery on time, on budget, and stress-free moves.

    If you are shifting for the first time and get confused about your decision, give us a call, and we will guide you. It is our golden chance to make you feel that your decision to choose house movers is the best decision you have ever made.

    Perfect packing of furniture and appliances to ensure the safety

    We do the perfect packing of your assets according to need need and use customized tools for your valuable furniture. Moving the house or office is not a piece of cake. Furniture moving is challenging, and movers and packers are good at it.

    Our professional furniture movers in Sharjah put their effort into keeping things safe and secure while moving. With the dedication of high-quality moving services, we are the best moving team in UAE. We provide you full packing assistance with either moving boxes which suits your needs best because we handle each item with care and security.

    The best of relocation company is to ensure you that no item will be harmed during the process. All products are packed with high-quality packaging materials. While the packaging, they make a list of things to ensure to there is no item hidden or missed. They write each and everything on the list.

    Packing is one of the essential aspects of shifting. They pack every little item in your household and move them safely and calmly to the new location. It is a necessary task for the team, but they did it very smoothly and took all the stress off your shoulders. Ensure the movers and packers company has experienced employees who are careful with your fragile items.

    • Carton boxes are used for office supplies and electronic products.
    • Carton rolls are used to save the supplies from any harm.
    • Bubble rolls are mainly used for fragile or any glasses items.

    Packaging peanuts are also known as cushioning materials used to prevent damage to fragile items during relocation and shipping.

    We ensure our customers that their belongings are handled with care, we make sure nothing is damaged, and we safely load and unload at your new location. The packing is the main element of shifting it saves the items from the rain because we are not using the open truck for delivery because we care about the customer’s furniture as they are own furniture.

    We will assure you the privacy of your items that’s why we are using the covered truck for delivery, we make sure there is no vacant place in the truck while uploading the items and delivered your belonging to the destination place with care.

    How much do you pay for the movers and packers?

    The moving cost is based on the quality of work and the number of items you have to move. The Najmat Suhail give their service at the cheapest and lowest price, and there are no hidden costs. All the expenses belong to your items, packing, and any additional services you may require. We know moving is a very stressful and expensive thing and also takes a lot of time.

    The moving company in Sharjah offers a cheaper moving service. Our professional team does their work with modern techniques and makes sure the moving process is a stress-free process. Our customers are delighted with the services we offer and with the prices we have.

    Because we believe in customer satisfaction and fairness in price and service, movers and Packers is a budget-friendly and trustworthy service you can assist yourself with, that will give you a very reasonable price for your move.

    We deeply understand the hustle of moving and its costs. Our primary goal is to provide a cheap moving service full of care. This is the main reason to choose us for your shift. We promise you to keep your stuff safe and deliver it at the lowest price without stress.

    The charges also include the type of vehicle you want to use. The more quantity of goods you have, the more money you must have paid because heavier and larger items are required from place and care, which means more money we spend. The charges also depend on the site where you want to relocate your stuff.

    Do not forget to check the prices of other companies giving you, check out our price list we will not disappoint you with our service and price, we will provide a brief overview.

    The best quality you choose for shifting the more money you have to spend, the insurance is a good move, but it also gets extra paid. The size of the place also matters in shifting costs the smaller pace, the lowest price we will charge, and the more important place, the extra money we will charge.

    The cost of packers and movers depends on the capacity or size of stuff as well as your moving requirements. The final price depends on different factors like volume, distance, and the services you need, as we discussed. No need to worry. Just contact us and get all levels of moving and packing services at an affordable price.

    Low prices are mistaken for unprofessional services, inexperienced labor, and no customer satisfaction. Still, here at Najmat Suhail we ensure professional services, experienced struggle, and customer satisfaction are our priority. We focus on the quality of packing materials to make your relocation perfect.

    The question is, why do you choose us?

    • Types of shifting, whether it is residential or commercial.
    • A completely accurate and precise plan that covers all your relocation needs.
    • We complete our tasks on time.
    • We provide a better quality of services for relocation.
    • We are the cheapest mover and packer team in UAE.
    • We provide free advice and tips to our customers.
    • We have professional and trained drivers with us for the delivery service.

    We are moving all types of goods like furniture, appliances, equipment, etc. We are glad to tell you that we are available in Sharjah a well-trained professional movers team. Just instruct our team to sit and watch the whole process.

    We are just not providing house shifting service but also providing the residential, villas, offices, supermarkets, gyms, salons, and commercial relocation too with very care. We have helped many clients move their places to another desired place with ease and care.

    We are always ready to provide our service to the client because we are available 24/7. We all know the shifting is a very hustle process to do, but the movers and packers are resolving your problem with their service and professional and well-trained team. We provide the best service according to your moving needs.

    We are the best moving and packing service based on customer reviews because our customers are very satisfied and happy with the services that we are providing in UAE. We offer you the most personalized and affordable movers and packers in Shajrah with a highly experienced team and hard work.

    You can get moving and packing service from the us even for a single thing in your house, our team does the work very professionally and friendly, they wrap everything carefully and will deliver it to your destination place with complete safety and care with full of dignity.

    They will make sure the moving tasks are as relaxing as possible. Our experience and strong network in the UAE makes us one of the most preferred moving company. Najmat Suhail aim to satisfy every customer they have and make them happy with their services.

    The best moving company is here

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